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Banking and Borrowing. An Advisor's take.

When I think of these, sometimes my first reaction isn’t always a positive one. I get a funny feeling in my stomach. Maybe you’re the same way? Yet, in life we all must use banks. And like Willie Sutton, aka ‘Jessie James’ said when someone asked him why he robbed banks: ‘that’s where the money is!’

Banks are where the money is. Particularly, large sums of it. And in our lifetimes, we periodically need access to such amounts for things like fixing or buying a special asset, funding education loans and especially, acquiring a home, to name a few.

And in this era of so-called ‘cheap money’, rules are making it even more complicated to get some

That’s why I am so pleased that in our recent Dealer change, Manulife Bank of Canada became a very  important strategic partner and piece of the puzzle in our commitment to bringing the best financial solutions to our clients and their families.

What I like best about Manulife Bank are two things:

Their people. 

As a virtual bank with no bricks and mortar, Manulife Bank relies on personal service and custom availability of their smart lending teams to make your borrowing easy. They’re also matched with first class technology. Ditto for banking and deposit-taking.

Their products.

I’ll only focus on two here: The Manulife One Mortgage (upon referral), a mortgage ‘done differently’, helps our clients save thousands in loan costs. The Manulife Advantage Account, their renowned high-interest chequing and savings account (Currently paying 2.4% until August 19, 2018).


Manulife has built a bank that expressly helps Advisors help their clients. Their dedication is to help me help you bank and borrow better. For bank accounts, investments (RSPs, TFSAs), mortgages, loans and credit cards, they’ve got us covered.

Banking experiences often give you the impression that you’re not the most important cog in the wheel, that the Bank is. And, given their ongoing string of huge profits, it’s hard not to think that. Manulife Bank is kind of like my bank, built to help me ensure that you are the most important cog in the wheel.

When you need a better borrowing experience, I hope you’ll consider putting my banking team to work for you.


Peter Fraser RFP, CFP, CIM, FCSI

Investment Advisor

Manulife Securities Incorporated

Call 1-888-737-2737