At PB Fraser and Company we work together to bring you an unparalleled experience of accomplishment, peace of mind and confidence when it comes to your money.


Family. Health. Enjoying life.

These are the top three priorities that clients consistently offer when we ask: "when it comes to your money, what are the most important hopes you have, personally and professionally over the next three years?" Money for family. Money to help with good health and living longer. Money for the nice things in your life. Satisfactory returns on investments does make the list of course; it ranks fourth, on average. And that's not because it's less important. In fact, it's a given; people expect it. Intrinsically, they engage their financial advisor to particularly help guide them toward their personal, successful financial future. That's why knowing what matters most to you, and why, makes all the difference. To you and to us. We take care of your money, your financial needs and you, in a way that continually helps you feel very confident about your future. That's our passion.
Get the very best future you want with your money.

Latest Blog Posts

A timely real life example

Published by Peter B Fraser on Sep 12, 2018

It’s not unusual to find out interesting things about famous people, especially after they die. Astonishingly, related to Aretha Franklin, it is reported that the pop diva died without a will...

The Big Mac turns 50!

Published by Peter B Fraser on Aug 24, 2018

So we Threw a Party. Last Thursday, the planets aligned and the staff and their spouses and kids (and kid’s kids) just happened to be able to get together for a never-before summer family lunch...

Summer: Grab All You Can!

Published by Peter B Fraser on July 25, 2018

I have been contemplating what to say in this blog. By default, we tend to circle around the usual type of financial topics, hoping to offer some direction or opinion on products or planning that helps in the...


Update Your Plans

September and October are 'Update your Plans' month at PB Fraser and Company.

Refresh or build from scratch: your financial plan is the best way to accomplish your goals. call or write!


The Truth is in the Numbers

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